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Not Good Enough
by Sabrina Trobak

NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Understanding your Core Belief & Anxiety, A Handbook

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Not Good Enough
the book is


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Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough, Understanding Anxiety and Your Core Belief looks at anxiety from a unique perspective. Anxiety is explored though your own perception, your own belief in yourself, your core belief. Your core belief, can be unhealthy; not good enough, not important, not valued or it can be healthy; good enough, important, valued or a combination of both. The unhealthy core belief not good enough, not important, not valued creates in higher levels of anxiety.


Your personal experiences; including past traumas, family dynamics, willingness to feel your emotions and level of anger, as well as the strategies and behaviours you use are all impacted by your core belief. The book also discusses the impact your core belief has on your present day choices, perceptions, level of anger, willingness to address your anxiety, and feel your emotions.


The book provides information, examples and strategies to help you gain awareness and understanding so you can effectively challenge your core belief so your healthy core belief; good enough, important and valued continues to grow, which will then result in lower anxiety. The book uses visuals as well as interactive activities to help you become more self-aware so you can better understand and challenge you, your anxiety and your core belief.

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