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Our Approach


In order to heal, understanding must first take place. Trobak Holistic Counselling supports clients in gaining an understanding of their behaviours, actions, feelings, emotions and physical symptoms.  Clients also gain a deeper understanding of past trauma, abuse, and experiences.  The brain makes current decisions based on past experiences; understanding the impact of past experience, helps clients to make decisions based on the present rather than the past.


Once a person understands, resolution can start to happen.  Trobak Holistic Counselling guides clients towards resolution of current and past issues in their lives by addressing the emotional consequences of the life experiences.  Each experience a person goes through creates emotions.  Experiences from the past are over, we cannot go back and change them but the emotions connected to these events are carried with us until they are resolved.  Resolving allows clients to sort through the emotional impact of past experiences.


Once understanding and resolution has occurred clients can truly heal. Trobak Holistic Counselling challenges clients to understand and seek resolution so true, full healing, can occur. Once healing takes place, clients are able to sort through experiences based on what is currently happening rather than being trigger by past trauma.

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