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Marian University Fond Du Lac WS


Heal the Hoop Conference
Prince George BC Canada


"She's a Top 5 favourite on surveys for various local and regional wellness gatherings. Trobak positively impacts the lives of those who attend her sessions. She's dedicated to wellness and continues to prove that in her recent writings. Sabrina Trobak is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day."

-Jocelyn Eisert, Creator Healing the Hoop Gatherings

“It has been a pleasure to work with Sabrina Trobak.  We have been working with her for the last 2 years and have established a wonderful partnership.  The style and knowledge that Sabrina brings to the table is totally amazing.  She facilitates the workshops in a professional way, they are very informative and she uses language that is concise and easy to understand.”

-Paola Banks (Fort St John Recreation Programmer/Workshop Host & Coordinator)

"She shows up prepared, confident and poised, eager to share knowledge that impacts the journey of so many! Trobak brings it! It's been an honour to resource Sabrina Trobak over the years and witness the connections she makes with those who embrace her energy. She is passionate about mental health and wellness, educating those with new tools to take on life’s challenges. Highly recommend"

-Jocelyn Eisert, CEO Bizzybody Enterprises

" The business/finance/econ students who were in attendance from my classes all had positive things to say as well. If Sabrina comes back to give a presentation in the Spring 2024 semester or Fall 2024 semester, I will make this a mandatory event and assignment for all of my students instead of an extracurricular assignment like it is now. Super practical and helpful information that relates to retention discussions relating to student mental health, anxiety, etc."

-Nick Schumacher, MBA

Business Faculty, Program Director

Business Department, Marian University

"During Sabrina Trobek’s anxiety presentations she encouraged the Marian University audience to embrace grit and make a good faith effort to move from a “Fixed” mindset to a “Growth” one.  While recognizing that this is a challenging task, Sabrina recommended to remain mindful that everybody possesses their issues – both personally and professionally – the difference is to appreciate the frequency and severity of these issues for all involved at any given time. 


The examination of one’s core beliefs, along with the application of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, were useful foundations for reflection while effectively assessing anxiety issues on an ongoing basis.  I enthusiastically recommend watching all of Sabrina’s videos as found on the “Trobak Holistic Counselling” website as well as reading Sabrina’s insightful book entitled: Not Good Enough: Understanding Your Core Belief & Anxiety – A Handbook.” 


James T. Gray, Professor

Sport and Recreation Management Program Director

Marian University

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Upcoming workshops:

There are currently no upcoming workshops.  Workshops will return in the fall of 2024

Passcode: 426723


Trobak Holistic Counselling offers a wide range of workshops and training.  See below for specific workshops, training and consultation offered by Trobak Holistic Counselling.


Our workshops, training and consultations can also be created for specific groups and needs. If you are looking for a workshop not listed below feel free to contact us with your needs and we will create a presentation/workshop specific to your group and goals.


Most popular workshops:

*Understanding Anxiety.                      *Building Resiliency

*Building Emotional Intelligence      *Building Healthy Relationships

*Building Connection                            *Creating Contentment

*Recovering from Past Trauma        *Managing Burnout

*Stress Management                            *Wellness in the Workplace

*Healthy Relationships                         *Parenting Workshop

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